Our Clubhouse

All of our programs are headquartered at the United Playaz Clubhouse, which serves more than 75 young people each day. The center is equipped with a full-service recording studio, a computer lab, library, and a recreational room available for meetings, workshops and events.

With the influx of tech-companies to our neighborhood, the rent is rising and longtime residents like United Playaz can’t keep up. Many Community Based Organizations in SoMa are currently being defunded and displaced. Organizations that are fundimentally important to the residents of the community, simply can’t afford rent. If our headur kids in SoMa will no longer have access to services and safety they need to thrive.

As a result, we recently purchased our building to ensure the youth in SoMa always have a safe space and a secure home, a place to learn and to grow. If you are interested in making a contribution or taking a tour of our facility please contact us.